Green Property Investing

Green Property Investing

That's right! Own your own home from as little as *$299 per week



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Providing wealth creation advice, including:

 Helping you buy your first home.

 Setting up and running your own Self Managed Super Fund.

 Investing in residential real estate in your own Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

 Income tax deductions in association with investing in residential property.

 Investing in residential real estate in your own names with just $1,000 initial deposit.

 All insurance requirements both personally and to do with property investing.

 All financial advice involving property investment. We use all major banks and sub majors. Nothing is left to chance. Your security is never at risk because our brokers will put together your loan application for you with the emphasis on what the lenders normally require and present it to one of the major banks. It will then be up to the lender to approve your loan for you, they will also value your investment to make sure what you are investing in is good value for you.

 All legal requirements through Solicitors and Lawyers who specialise in the purchase of real estate.

Our service includes meeting you at your own home (or elsewhere) advising you as to how you can pay off your own home mortgage in a lot less time than it is currently taking you. As mentioned income tax reduction, and all investments in residential property that you make apart from the initial deposit of $1,000 you will not require anything whatsoever from your pocket to make all of this work (conditions apply). In other words, our system is devised so that investing in property for your future should not be a burden and most importantly should not affect your normal day to day budget.

PLEASE NOTE: In most cases even after you have decided to go ahead you more than likely will find that your normal outgoings will reduce, hard to believe!

Call me and I'll explain how. It's very simple.

There will be absolutely no charge whatsoever to sit down with you and help in any way we can.

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